Waggle x AlterVerse: See You in Sky City

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3 min readAug 19, 2022

At Waggle, we believe that effective partnerships are the key to moving crypto forward. Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with AlterVerse, a world-building multiverse game built on Unreal Engine 5.

First, let’s take a look at why we’re teaming up with AlterVerse

Despite the recent sluggish market, gaming is still the most in-demand category in 2022. Given research conducted by Messari, blockchain gaming occupied the largest share of NFT funding: $4.1B raised from 199 deals in the first half. This is understandable as crypto gaming has been the main driver of massive mainstream adoption for the blockchain ecosystem.

Being one of the most consistent builders in the Metaverse realm, AlterVerse has the potential to take the crypto gaming experience even further. In short, AlterVerse offers features through which players are able to purchase lands, build the world, go shopping, socialize with each other, gather resources, craft NFTs, trade, and especially Play & Earn in numerous ways.

We think you’ll be blown away by how much progress has been made on key features such as Sky City, which really brings the Metaverse to life with stunning visuals and a futuristic dystopian feel. While you’re there, we recommend you check out the virtual Waggle Network lounge, our very own space for you to explore and meet the team in Metaverse fashion.

It’s no wonder then that AlterVerse is part of the Binance Incubation Program Season 4, boasting a talented development team who have planned web3, an NFT marketplace, and several other features into their vision!

What’s our partnership with AlterVerse about?

AlterVerse is a forward-looking Metaverse project with many talented builders and a proven track record. There will be a central community called Sky City where Waggle will maintain an online virtual store for users to visit and hang out.

Stay tuned for a video teaser 👀

In return, Waggle will assist AlterVerse by bringing their ecosystem to the attention of our community and supporting them with our marketing resources and PR network.

You can register now for early access at https://alterverse.com/, check out the progress of the game, and visit the Waggle Network lounge at your leisure!

About AlterVerse

AlterVerse aims to be an open, interconnected, and decentralized Metaverse experience built using Unreal Engine 5, with collaborations and partnerships across NFT games, blockchains, crypto platforms, retail and ecommerce brands, DAOs, NFT artists, and more.

Website | Sky City | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

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