Waggle Partners with MetaWork for Marketing Growth

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2 min readSep 13, 2022


At Waggle, we believe in the importance of partnerships in the current climate, and that working with other projects that share our values will help us go further towards our vision.

Today we’re excited to announce our next partnership will be with Metawork.

What is Metawork?

Metawork had over 11 years of expertise in building technological platforms such as distribution networks, e-commerce, payment, and KOL connections before their first foray into the blockchain sector.

Metawork’s mission is to connect blockchain-based Advertisers with Publishers exclusively and worldwide.

Why are we teaming up?

Our relationship with Metawork will kick off with mutual support from both sides in user growth and partnership deals. We also expect to leverage the market insights and strength of Metawork to increase our exposure in the Vietnam market.

Together, we will produce greater results in the blockchain field.

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About Waggle

Waggle Network is a decentralized multi-chain platform that helps projects with further fundraising from the community, at the same time empowering the community with primary market exposure. Built by industry professionals, Waggle is here to reform the fundraising landscape.

As we continue to innovate for you, we are also preparing many exciting activities for the Waggle community. Look forward to our pools and staking, or participate in our community events which you can win WAG tokens from.

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