Waggle Network Successfully Raised $3.0 Million to Build Multi-Chain Marketplace for Strategic Token Sales

Waggle Network
4 min readSep 22, 2021

Introducing our partners

Waggle is backed by a portfolio of renowned investors, including (but not limited to)

GBV, SVC, Genesis Block Capital, Pragma Ventures, Basics Capital, Bixin Ventures, NGC, AU21, Gate.io labs, MEXC, HG Ventures and Spark Digital. We are also supported by media partners such as Minted Labs, ODaily, CryptoTimes, Bitcoin Addict and Bigcoin Vietnam and strategic partners like Solanium, Occam and Poolz.finance to build on our multichain narrative. With that, Waggle was able to complete a $3.0m seed funding round recently and as the next step, Waggle will be focusing on providing the public with an attractive opportunity to be involved in Waggle itself.

Top-tier Media Partners
Strategic Partners

The project has secured investment from some of the most experienced players in crypto, each renowned for their portfolio investments, extensive communities and/or operational value-adds to Waggle. With combined portfolios amounting to thousands of projects invested, Waggle’s financial supporters represent exceptional leaders in the digital landscape who can bolster our pipeline down the route to bring high-quality deals to our Waggle community.

What is Waggle Network?

Waggle is here to re-design the landscape of fundraising. Built by industry leaders, Waggle aims to challenge the way post-IDO fundraising is done. Conventionally, projects have limited alternatives to raise funds after their IDO. Most projects will raise funds via OTC deals with institutional partners, which sometimes present them with less-than-favourable sales terms due to the illiquidity of such deals. Waggle not only saw these pain points for projects, we also noticed the fervour of the community of these projects. Waggle is therefore born to bridge this market inefficiency and facilitate fundraising through the project’s very own community. Not only are we unlocking liquidity for projects to further their innovation, we will also bring deals, previously exclusive to institutional investors, to the community.

“Humble and hungry are the best words to describe the founders. Their previous experience in primary markets put them in a position to know exactly what both projects and investors need.” — Charles Yang, Partner @ GBV

“As the crypto market booms, and technological innovation within the sector reaches new heights, we feel that it is patently important for locked and restricted tokens to be valued in public markets. The Waggle Network introduces much-needed liquidity to assets held by project teams while keeping a close eye on project quality for prospective investors.”- AU21 Team

“The inability to unlock value from vested tokens is a challenge shared by many project founders and early supporters. Genblock are excited to be supporting the team at Waggle, who are building the protocols and tools that will enable project founders to access capital from their illiquid vested tokens. This will provide a new source of funding for early stage projects, as well as widen access to exclusive private sales for the retail community.”- Genblock Capital

Waggle establishes a new platform connecting retail buyers and projects needing access to liquidity, and we believe that it will attract a lot of attention from users wanting exposure to their favorite tokens at attractive prices. As such, Waggle is going to be an essential project in the whole DeFi ecosystem.-Pragma Ventures

Waggle has a very solid founding team and we value the strength of the founding teams of the projects we invest in. In addition, asset liquidity has always been a problem for most project owners and investors. Waggle’s Post-IDO tool addresses this market pain point. I am confident that Waggle will have a good future in crypto. - Larry Shi, Founder @ Basics Capital

Be Part of the Waggle Movement

We can’t wait to tell you more about the exciting plans ahead. There will be community challenges, airdrops, IDOs, and liquidity mining programs designed to bring about an explosive growth in our adoption and engagement. Join us!

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Waggle Network

Waggle enables retail investors to participate in primary market investments