Waggle Network Revolutionizes how Post-IDO Fundraising Works - Launches Pollinate to Provide Vesting Token Sales Access for All

We have all probably seen the swirls of the golden honey bees, hovering over blooms daintily to collect nectar. This act has inspired us to be like the diligent honey bees, bringing opportunities (nectar) from the patches of flowers (projects) back to the hive (community) for our honey bee tribe. In this foraging dance, these bees also pollinate the flowers and these pollinators form the backbone of our entire ecosystem. This exact act of waggling has inspired our team to be like the honey bees, and eventually, this led to the birth of Waggle Network.

Committed to bringing opportunities to our community, the team at Waggle believes that the prospect of outsized yields should not be limited to an exclusive group of investors, but rather democratized to all who are keen to support their favorite projects.

Pollination /pɒlɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ is the transfer of pollen from an anther of a plant to the stigma of a plant.

Beyond that, we also want to pollinate and help our ecosystem thrive. This led to the creation of Pollinate, our marketplace designed to make token sales fair and also to create the most value for projects which are listed on Waggle.

Two Pools to Pollinate — Waggle & Project Pools

For every project that lists on Waggle, their token sales allocations are split into two different Pollinate Pools.

I) Waggle Pollinate Pool: WAG Stakers + Newcomers

Token sales allocations are dedicated to stakers of WAG tokens. Drone and Queen Bees are guaranteed whitelists with a sizable allocation amount for the purchase of the project’s tokens. Mini and Worker Bees will have to perform social tasks to receive raffle tickets which will increase their chances of being whitelisted.

Newcomers who are not staking WAG tokens can also stand a chance to get whitelisted by completing social tasks for raffle tickets.

II) Project Pollinate Pool: Existing stakers of the project (Depends on raise size)

Token sales allocations are also dedicated to existing stakers of the project. The project will provide the Waggle team with a shortlist of addresses that are currently staking or providing liquidity with their native tokens.

Whitelisted winners will be able to purchase up to an amount depending on their tier on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis, giving them the highest amount of exposure possible. The Waggle team is also coming up with a vesting token trading platform, Forage, for users to purchase vesting tokens if they do not make it on the whitelist.

Projects will list their tokens at a discount to the volume-weighted average spot price. They will also impose a reasonable vesting schedule in exchange for the discount to ensure that the value of the tokens is retained and there will be headroom for better price discovery for the token holders.

How to participate in Pollinate:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Select the pools that are currently available which you are interested in.

Step 3:

  • Click ‘Join Whitelist’ button to start the whitelisting process for the selected project.

Waggle Pollinate Pools — Staking Tiers

WAG stakers and their respective staking tiers will be recognized automatically on the platform.

  • Drone Bee and Queen Bees will get guaranteed whitelist slots
  • Mini and Worker Bees will join a lottery and complete social tasks for a higher chance of winning the whitelist slots.

Each Tier will have a maximum allocation to participate in Token Sales.

  • A snapshot of your tier will be shown at the end of the whitelisting phase.
  • For newcomers who are not staking WAG tokens, they can also get a chance to win the whitelist slots by completing a set of community tasks to receive raffle tickets which increases their chances of being whitelisted. However, their allocation amount will be significantly lower than the current WAG stakers from all tiers.

In the event that the projects are built on chains outside of Solana (e.g. BSC/ETH/Polygon), you are required to register with a non-exchange BSC/ETH/Polygon wallet address to receive your purchased tokens!

Token Sales

After lottery results are released, selected winners with successful KYC will be qualified to take part in the Token Sales.

All participants will compete on a FCFS basis to purchase up to their respective maximum allocation (determined by their tier) until the pool is entirely filled up. In the rare event that the hard cap is not filled, a second round of token sales may take place.

A little tease…

More details of Forage will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Socials — Join the Waggling 🐝

As we continue to innovate for you, we are also preparing many exciting activities for the Waggle community. Look forward to our pools and staking, or participate in our community events which you can win WAG tokens from.

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