Project #005 YOUR — The Wikipedia of Physical & Metaverse Product Content

Up next on Waggle, we’re excited to welcome YOUR to our family!

YOUR is a Solana-based top tier project that determines to disrupt the current e-commerce and metaverse industry in various ways.

Our partnership will facilitate the community outreach for YOUR and warm them up before their IDO. It’s been hinted that, along with Waggle Network, YOUR is also coming to one of the biggest launchpads in Solana in February.

We are happy to empower our community with primary investment opportunities from YOUR while enabling the project team to gain more exposure at their early stage.

What is YOUR?

Behind every listing on every digital marketplace there is a massive library of content, everything from product descriptions to photos and beyond. Managing this content is an expensive part of each of these operations, and the content itself is often the key to successful conversion rates. The rising popularity of metaverse has even amplified the crucial aspect of product content.

YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content, the first product content NFT marketplace that allows people to:

  1. Create product content
  2. Own the product content
  3. Earn tokens with the content


YOUR enables content creators to convert their reviews, images, videos, and media into an NFT that can be traded and verified on the Solana blockchain. Earnings generated from YOUR assets will be issued in YOUR tokens. These can be distributed to individuals or groups of people working on digital content together.

YOURcontent has been developed as a depository and self-styled encyclopaedia of digital content. Every creator can be assured of direct ownership and curate revenue streams, and of course, limit content theft and duplication.

To support both YOURtoken and YOURcontent, YOURbuy will be a marketplace where digital assets and content can be traded. This marketplace has been built with some key aspects in mind, one of which is extremely low fees (1% to start). YOURbuy will accept most major cryptocurrencies and of course YOURtoken.

YOUR Token Utility:

  • YOURcontent Earnings
  • YOURbuy token payments
  • Staking
  • Community governance
  • P2P Transactions
  • Scarcity



🔗 Website:

🔗 Twitter:

🔗 English Telegram:

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Waggle Research: YOUR

Waggle Pollinate: YOUR ($YOUR)

1. Token Metric

2. Community Empowerment Round

  • Project Page:
  • Network: Solana
  • Token Type: SPL
  • Total Sales: 12.500.000 YOUR
  • Total Raise: 100,000 USDC
  • Token Price: 0.008 USDC
  • Vesting Term: 5% at TGE, 7.5% monthly linear vesting
  • KYC: required

3. Pool Eligibility & Details

There will be one card for whitelisting and sales participation, and each Tier or Non-tier user will join their own pools, with pool weight data as follows:

  • Community: 5% pool weight (Lottery-based & FCFS)
  • Mini Bee: 10% pool weight (Lottery-based & FCFS)
  • Worker Bee: 12% pool weight (Lottery-based & FCFS)
  • Drone Bee: 31% pool weight (Guaranteed Whitelist & Allocation)
  • Queen Bee: 42% pool weight (Guaranteed Whitelist & Allocation)

4. Timeline (updated)

  • Whitelist: Jan 22 5AM UTC — Jan 26, 5AM UTC
  • Lottery Result: Jan 26, 12PM UTC
  • Tier Round: Jan 27 2PM UTC — Jan 28th 2PM UTC
  • Community Round: Jan 28 2PM UTC — Jan 29th 2PM UTC
  • Distribution Date: Feb
  • Listing Date: Feb

5. Important

  • All users are welcome to register whitelisting for Community Pool.
  • Staking WAG will get you better chances for whitelist or guaranteed allocation.
  • We also reconstructed our Tier system to a brand new one. Check it out.
  • Now you can do KYC anytime as you wish. Check it out.

How to participate in Pollinate for YOUR

Step 1: Navigate to Pollinate from the menu bar at the top of and select the project

Step 2: Click ‘Join Whitelist’ button to start the whitelisting process

Step 3: Connect your wallet and confirm register for whitelist

*** If you are not a Tier Staker, please confirm register whitelist to continue, or you can stake $WAG to increase your chance of being whitelisted and getting allocation.

*** If you are a Tier Staker, please check the box “I have Waggle Tier”

Click Confirm Register Whitelist and follow the next instructions to complete the whitelist process. You might be asked to submit KYC if you haven’t done KYC before. Read the KYC instructions below.

Step 5: We suggest you perform the social interaction tasks to increase your change in winning the whitelist lottery for Tier and Community pool

How to KYC

Step 1: Navigate to KYC section from your dashboard

Step 2: Connect your wallet that you want to invest in Waggle Pollinate

At this step, Waggle will automatically recognize your current KYC and Tier status, then walk you through the whitelisting process accordingly.

Step 3: Verify your KYC status

The requirements of this step will automatically change to suit each user’s current Tier and KYC status.

Step 3a: You have not passed KYC before

If you haven’t done KYC before, click on Confirm & Start KYC Verification to continue KYC process with Synaps

Step 3b: You have passed KYC before

Only check the box “I have passed Waggle’s KYC process” if you already went through KYC with another wallet before (BSC, SOL, ETH). By doing that, you will be requested to connect with your KYC-ed wallet to confirm your ownership.

Click Confirm Ownership to approve signature request to continue the KYC process with Synaps

Token Sales

After registering, Drone and Queen Bee Tier will be guaranteed whitelisted for token sales, while other participants will be selected based on a lottery.

All chosen winners with successful KYC will be qualified to take part in the Sales Phase with 2 rounds:

  • Tier Round for Tiered participants
  • Community Round for Whitelist winners

In the rare event that the hard cap is not filled, another round of token sales may take place.

About Waggle Network 🐝

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As we continue to innovate for you, we are also preparing many exciting activities for the Waggle community. Look forward to our pools and staking, or participate in our community events which you can win WAG tokens from.

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