Project #003 GALAXY WAR — A Multi-chain NFT Space Strategy GameFi

The stormy market will not deter us from continuing to provide value to our Waggle family. The show must go on!

Today’s spotlight is on a groundbreaking NFT GameFi project that promises to bring new gaming experiences across the multiverse of blockchain gaming.

We are proud to partner with GALAXY WAR, a DeFi NFT space strategy classic game built for multi-chain. Galaxy War will captivate you at first look with its stunning graphic of cosmic scenery and intriguing gameplay mechanics.

Wagglers! Are you ready to Pollinate Galaxy War?

First, let’s see what Galaxy War has to offer!

What is Galaxy War?

Galaxy War is being developed by Galaxy Studio, which was founded in 2009 by Gru, the chief developer, who has many Blockchain titles under his belt and over 20 years of game development expertise. Galaxy Studio team has a reputation for game development and has a solid track record in delivering high-quality products.

Cinematic Trailer

Galaxy War is inspired by classic games such as Minecraft, EVE Online, and Roblox. It was the first game ever launched on the OKEx chain and was designed to operate on various chains. Players can build economic and military infrastructure, as well as starship fleets, and engage in battles for valuable resources.

Gameplay Video

Cross-chain integration is also brilliantly adapted within Galaxy War via the use of cosmic-inspired “Wormholes”, turning the entire blockchain space to parallel universes where players can appreciate an unprecedented gameplay experience.

The game will initially be available on three networks: OKEx, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom integration will be introduced later.

Waggle Research Report: Galaxy War


Waggle Pollinate: Galaxy War ($GWT)

1. Token Metric

  • Token: GWT
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GWT
  • Initial Market Cap: $555,000
  • Token Listing Date: TBA

2. Waggle GWT Pre-IDO Details

  • Network: Solana
  • Token Type: SPL
  • Total Sales: 7,500,000 GWT
  • Total Raise: 150,000 USDC
  • Token Price: 0.02 USDC
  • Vesting Term: 10% unlock upon TGE then monthly linear for 12 months
  • KYC: required

2. Pool Eligibility & Details

There will be one sales card for whitelisting and sales participation, and each Tier or Non-tier user will join their own pools, with pool weight data as follows:

  • Community: 5 % pool weight (Lottery-based & FCFS)
  • Mini Bee: 10 % pool weight (Lottery-based & FCFS)
  • Worker Bee: 10 % pool weight (Lottery-based & FCFS)
  • Drone Bee: 30% pool weight (Guaranteed Whitelist & Allocation)
  • Queen Bee: 45% pool weight (Guaranteed Whitelist & Allocation)

3. Timeline

  • Preparation: Dec 22 8AM UTC
  • Whitelist: Dec 23, 8AM UTC — Dec 30, 8AM UTC
  • Lottery Result: Dec 29, 2PM UTC
  • KYC Period: Dec 29, 2PM UTC— 30th 8AM UTC
  • Token Sales: 30th 2PM UTC

4. Important

  • All users are welcome to register whitelisting for Community Pool.
  • Staking WAG will get you better chances for whitelist or guaranteed allocation.
  • We also reconstructed our Tier system to a brand new one, check it out.

How to participate in Pollinate for Galaxy War:

Step 1: Navigate to Pollinate from the menu bar at the top of and select Galaxy War from the featured projects

Step 2: Click ‘Join Whitelist’ button to start the whitelisting process

Step 3: Connect your wallet to continue

At this step, Waggle will automatically recognize your current KYC and Tier status, then walk you through the whitelisting process accordingly.

Only check the box “I passed KYC on Waggle before” if you already went through KYC with another wallet before (BSC, SOL, ETH). By doing that, you will be requested to connect with your KYC-ed wallet to confirm your ownership.

The requirements of this step will automatically change to suit each user’s current Tier and KYC status.

Step 4: Click on “Confirm Register Whitelist” to finish registering

Step 5: You may be suggested to perform a set of social interaction to increase your chance in winning the whitelist lottery for Community Pool

Token Sales

After registering, Drone and Queen Bee Tier will be guaranteed whitelisted for token sales, while other participants will be selected based on a lottery.

All chosen winners with successful KYC will be qualified to take part in the Sales Phase with 2 rounds:

  • Tier Round for Tiered participants
  • Community Round for Whitelist winners

In the rare event that the hard cap is not filled, another round of token sales may take place.

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