Introducing Waggle Network — Multi-chain Marketplace Protocol for Locked Tokens

We all agree that crypto is a super exciting space to be in and that’s why we are all here today. You probably have invested in many projects on the secondary markets which have brought you returns you won’t see in other investment assets. However, what if I tell you that there’s actually a more rewarding way to invest in crypto projects you believe in? Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of participating in exclusive deals like the VCs in the space? This is where Waggle can help.


At Waggle, we bring the opportunity to invest in primary market deals to retail investors like yourself.

Founded by ex-founders from VCs and executives from launchpads across Solana, BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum, Waggle has a strong pipeline of exclusive deals from project teams who are seeking to raise additional liquidity post-TGE for the continuity of their innovations.

As more interesting projects are being built on different chains, Waggle will be bringing these opportunities to our community to participate in top projects in the space. Our Waggle community will be able to participate in exclusive deals to purchase tokens which are subjected to vesting schedules at a discount to their existing market price.

Beyond these opportunities, Waggle also realized that it is very challenging to synthesize the information retail investors are constantly bombarded with. We want to help the community participate in trustworthy top-tier projects which have gone through our Investment Committee’s due diligence. Project teams which come on Waggle to offer their post-IDO token sales will undergo our stringent screening and KYC to assure their credibility, and you as our community user will get the chance to access our industry-grade due diligence report on these projects.

With our strong deal flows and strict due diligence procedures, we seek to provide curated opportunities to trade tokens subjected to vesting schedules previously inaccessible to you.

Let Waggle level the investment playing field for you.


For an accurate sense of just how big crypto investments has become, consider this: venture capital funds have already poured $17 billion this year into companies that operate in the space, according to data provider PitchBook. That’s by far the most in any single year and nearly equal to the total amount raised in all previous years combined.

Figure. Venture capital has piled into crypto companies in 2021 — Source: PitchBook

Yet, the primary market for cryptocurrency is still an opaque and exclusive scene for retail investors. Increasingly, these offerings are being enjoyed by more and more classes of investors, but retail investors often do not have access to these opportunities.

Also, it is common to see vesting schedules set in place for token reserves held by the protocol. Tokenomics are designed with stringent vesting schedules which the project teams even impose on their reserves. Aggressive vesting schedules protect the value of the tokens, ensuring all stakeholders’ interests are aligned and sustainable growth is achieved down the route. However, vesting schedules are usually set in stone when projects are still in their initial stage of development. These vesting schedules are inflexible and may hinder the subsequent development of a project. While not creating an oversupply through generous vesting schedules is important, creating enough liquidity for the token at the right stages is just as essential. In general, projects have to strike a balance between protecting token value and meeting their liquidity needs.


The Waggle team has put together a marketplace protocol to bridge the inefficiency in the market for the trading of locked tokens. Here’s how…


Waggle will look for projects in the space which are facing liquidity issues to help them unlock further access to capital to continue development. In doing so, we provide investment opportunities to the Waggle Community to trade locked tokens at a discount to the market price.

For project teams to sell their locked tokens and raise funds on Waggle, they will undergo a strict due diligence and KYC process to ensure their trustworthiness and credibility. Waggle will then list their project on Waggle Market where you can purchase their tokens on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Our Waggle Lab’s research team will also generate project review reports for every listed project to help you make well-informed decisions when you trade the locked tokens on Waggle Market. With Waggle, you will never trade unconfidently again.

While we are here to level the investment playing field for you, we also want to safeguard your interests.


After trading on Waggle Market, you will need a place to track your locked tokens portfolio. Waggle has put together a one-stop dashboard that will display your crypto assets.

Waggle Dashboard will provide an overview of all your assets that are on your wallet addresses and also track the vesting schedules of the locked tokens they have purchased from Waggle Market.

Waggle can help you manage all your crypto investments on one page — we provide convenience like never before.



Our token HOLDERS are able to stake $WAG and receive a portion of the platform fees on top of the community pool. Users can choose between stake amount or lock-up duration to increase their yield.

Staking $WAG doesn’t just reward you with yield only — you unlock more opportunities to invest too! Your stake amount will put you in 4 different tiers which determine your ticket size and fee brackets when buying locked tokens on Waggle Market.


Our tokens also provide you with the access to evaluate upcoming projects alongside the Listing Committee. The Waggle team will be providing a scorecard to facilitate the evaluation by the Waggle community. Projects will be judged on 9 metrics:

  1. Team — relevant experience and background of project team
  2. Technical Breakthrough — novelty and feasibility of the project
  3. Community — engagement level on project’s social media platforms
  4. Token Utility — utility value of the tokens
  5. Tokenomics — integrity of the tokenomic structure to capture and retain token value
  6. Roadmap — feasibility of technical roadmap and assessment of project’s vision
  7. Investors & Advisors — quality of investors and advisors behind the project
  8. Partnerships — quality of strategic partnerships attained by the team
  9. Market Makers — quality of market makers engaged by the team

You will have a voice in deciding which projects will be featured on Waggle Market. Make your votes count!


Excited for Waggle? Expect us in Q4 2021!

We are currently built on BSC and have since integrated into Ethereum. As of now, we are working our way into the Solana ecosystem, and subsequently we will explore other chains like Polygon.

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Waggle enables retail investors to participate in primary market investments

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Waggle Network

Waggle enables retail investors to participate in primary market investments