Hive Construction: January Update

Top 10 things to do when market is brutal

Top 1: Keep CALM and BUIDL

We couldn’t agree more with this!

Our team have been busy little bees behind the scene building with the intention of delivering a better user experience to you.

Hopefully you have noticed some of these changes already and started to make use of them!

Let’s do a quick recap of what we have done so far and what you should expect from us in the coming weeks.

Platform Improvements

1. Launched Waggle Insights successfully

The importance of insights cannot be underestimated in the crypto world.

Waggle Insights is our in house broadcast channel sharing useful information and content to our community and audience.

Since launched, we have hit a lot of impressive records in less than a month and that's an early success!

If you haven't yet followed Waggle Insights, please consider doing so now:

🔗 Waggle Insights Twitter

🔗 Waggle Insights Telegram Channel

2. Streamline KYC Process

We are grateful for having a supportive community. Thanks to your feedback, we have moved KYC to your Dashboard which is hopefully more convenient for you when applying the KYC verification process to your chosen wallet.

3. Pollinate App Updates

Waggle Pollinate now has an update on sales phase method which allows different Tier Stakers to participate in their own designated pools, and other community members have a better chance to get a decent allocation from leftover allocation from Tiered participants.

4. Forage App Updates

The experience in foraging has been enhanced for Wagglers with many additional useful functions, such as:

  • Search & Filter
  • NFT History Trades
  • Statistics

So far, we have achieved over $40k in volume trades on Forage. That's definitely a great start for more upcoming launches on Pollinate.

As we always emphasize, Forage will become more dynamic when we bring more top-tier projects. It’s becoming that way even now.

5. Waggle Tool

Our team is developing a set of tools that will greatly benefit projects in their token handling operations.

Most of the features in Waggle Tools are now beta live, including Waggle Bulksender and Waggle Bulkclaimer.

Access Waggle Tool here:

What’s coming next?

1. UI/UX overhaul

We're constantly exploring ways to improve UI/UX to enhance user experience and engagements.

2. Exclusive NFTs launch

It's our top secret. We're really excited about it 🤫

3. More token utility

We aim to empower the community with more token use cases which will make $WAG more beneficial and profitable for long-term holders.

4. More benefits for LP WAG stakers

There will be more incentives for WAG liquidity providers. We will give more details on that soon.

5. More chains integration

Which blockchain ecosystem’s projects do you want to see next for Pollinate? 👀

Vote here:

We look forward to deliver more value to Waggle family! WAGMI!

About Waggle Network 🐝

Waggle Network is a decentralized multi-chain platform that helps projects with further fundraising from the community, at the same time empowering the community with primary market exposure. Built by industry professionals, Waggle is here to reform the fundraising landscape.

As we continue to innovate for you, we are also preparing many exciting activities for the Waggle community. Look forward to our pools and staking, or participate in our community events which you can win WAG tokens from.

Don’t miss out! Subscribe to our social media channel to stay updated:

Waggle Network: Telegram | Telegram ANN | Twitter

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