Community Update: First Half of 2022

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4 min readJul 12, 2022

This year so far has been a rough year for crypto: the Russia-Ukraine conflict arose, Luna-UST collapsed, major firms like Three Arrow Capital and Voyager Digital filed for bankruptcy, and inflation in the global economy reached a new record.

Crypto market interest and crowdfunding sector in particular have been suffering from neglect. We can feel it deeply as being part of the landscape. However, we remain convinced that the less noise market is steering us towards building harder and training us to become more resilient.

During these market conditions, it’s more important for us to give our sincere thanks to our humble but thriving community, and take the chance to recognize what we accomplished in the first half of 2022.

Let’s go through some of the highlights:

1. Waggle project launches listed on Tier 1 exchange

The top two Solana projects launched by Waggle: Solcial and Plutonians were listed on the Kucoin exchange. Waggle is proud to be the only launchpad that brought Solcial token sale to the public, which added more than 7% of token holders onto their community. Not to mention, Waggle community was able to buy $SLCL with a 30% discount off the TGE price.

2. We launched our first farming pool as a service

We introduced ‘SaaS’ or Staking as a service to the Waggle ecosystem, which provides technical infrastructure for multi-chain staking pools, allowing client projects to build up staking pools for their Utility Tokens in Waggle Hive while users can earn rewards through the system.

Waggle Hive:

3. We established new partnerships

We’re excited to welcome new projects to Waggle Pollinate: Moon and Avarik Saga

Moon and Avarik Saga are high quality projects in the gaming category and are building serious products. They will hold community-driven token sales on our fundraising platform and enjoy gaining exposure to Waggle community and our marketing network.

Besides, we also teamed up with Avata Network to onboard users across multi-chain and empower them with launchpad access.

4. We have made some tweaks in UI/UX

We’re gradually improving our platform to deliver a smoother experience to our users:

  • You can now view your NFT investments in 3 different tags: All investments, Completed vesting & On Sale.
  • You can now see what NFT’s you have listed on Forage from the main dashboard.
  • Featured Projects section is live displaying video teasers for projects launching token sales.

Other key developments are going to be released soon!

5. We are conducting AMAs more frequently

Leveraging community interest in upcoming projects and partnerships we have held several more AMA’s and are looking to make this a regular feature, with the occasional podcast on twitter spaces so that you can hear the Waggle team discuss various issues.

6. We launched Waggle Utilities

We’re driven to build Waggle Utilities to onboard more users to our platform and keep them stay for long.

Waggle Utilities is a powerful toolkit which comprises 3 handy useful service tools:

  • Waggle Multisender
  • Waggle Bulkclaimer
  • Waggle Locker (Under development)

Try them here:

7. We are producing quality content and infographics

Last January, we launched Waggle Insights to broadcast crypto-related news and analysis with the goal of keeping our community abreast of what’s going on within the Waggle Ecosystem and the crypto space.

We take pride in being able to grow Waggle Insights to almost 6000 followers up to now. We know it’s a humble figure as we’re just getting started, but we could not have been able to achieve it without your support.

Recently, we’ve been originating our own infographics with visually captivating graphics, data, and charts. This has boosted engagement significantly.

  • Our Twitter profile visits surged by 40.6% in the last 28 days.
  • Our tweet impressions increased by 8.4% in the last 28 days.
  • 26.9% more content is posted daily.
  • In just 2.5 months, our tweets received over 220k impressions.

If you haven’t checked out Waggle Insights, we suggest to do it now as our content is worth every minute of your attention 👇

Waggle Insights: Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Chat

It’s hard to say what’s going to happen in terms of the future market, but we know one thing that is certain: Waggle is able to weather the storm, and we always keep building towards our vision.

Thank you for being part of the Waggle community and joining us on this journey.

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