We conducted an AMA on July 26th to talk about our new Partnership with AVATA and what this means for Waggle and AVATA users. ICYMI, please read through the transcripts to learn more.

Host: Kai — Growth Manager at Waggle
Guest: ZBG — CEO at AVATA Network

Waggle Questions

Kai: Ok so we have four lead in questions to begin with, let’s start with those:

Could you introduce us to Avata Network, what it is and what it’s all about?

ZBG: In simple terms, AVATA operates a launchpad, swap exchange and a lending protocol on Avalanche.

ZBG: The first two platforms have been completed and we are working on the latter. It is technically ready, only waiting for the integration process with our partner’, which is the biggest oracle service providers in this space.

Kai: Ok great, so you’ve partly answered my next question anyway but:

Can you give us a brief overview of the different functions within the Avata Network platform?

ZBG: Our platform consists of AVATALAUNCH, AVATASWAP and AVATLEND.

And from the names, I believe you can clearly spot what it does. But still im gonna detail it down:

The launchpad-AVATALAUNCH

The swap exchange-AVATASWAP

The lending platform-AVATALEND

While they are different platforms having their own unique focus, they do share the same supply source for the reward tokens. Meaning the emission of AVAT (our native token) will be distributed across users of all three platforms.

Kai: The next question is truly excellent (I wrote this one haha)

Avata is partly a launchpad as is Waggle, what synergy can we expect from this partnership?


1. while we both platforms are practically running the same industry, the scope of market and opportunity varies.

2. both platforms are focusing on a different chain.

3. and as we know, limiting opportunity only to one chain means a loss to potential investors

4. our synergy allows community of both platforms to have wider chances to vet upcoming projects.


Marcel: New investments opportunities sounds very very interesting 👀

it is…only the current market is not really permitting. But we do have good projects waiting in line. I bet you guys have the same too.

Kai: Excellent, plus Waggle are a pre-IDO launchpad primarily I can even see us working together in other ways too. Ok last lead in question then.

Avalanche is a truly awesome blockchain but for the benefit of our users, why did you choose to build on Avax?

ZBG: I’m gonna give a very simple and firm answer on this:

AVAX GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO THRIVE IN THE BLOCKCHAIN SPACE, on both of the fundamental aspects: the technically wise, and the community wise.

Kai: Completely agree, AVAX is the future

Pre-Selected Questions from Twitter

Kai: Okay! Now we jump to the next part with pre-selected questions from the community.

As usual we were amazed by the community engagement around this project, it was really hard coming up with a shortlist and having to choose from hundreds of questions on twitter.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that contributed.

Anyway.. $50 each to the winning questions asked!

As usual if you see your name then you’ve won.. Congratulations. You can pm me a screenshot of your twitter profile and your Solana wallet address.

Okay… onto the first two winners who have been chosen from the questions submitted via Twitter.

Question 1:

Kai: @CryptoKhangng2 asks this:

I read that AVATA Network incorporates a pool called SuperPool, a one-sided participation pool. Can you explain how it works? What is the purpose of its integration into the ecosystem? How is it different from other staking pools? What rewards can we get from locking our tokens here?


  1. SuperPool is a single-sided staking pool where it gives double-rewards to stakers
  2. It only accepts AVAT tokens, and in return it gives AVAT rewards (as a yield), and IDO spots (as an allocation) without having to make separate staking.

It is a simple pool serves to help users increase their AVAT holding and getting a spot on selected projects at the same time.

Moreover, they also have options to sell their allocation (partial or full) if they wish to do so.

Kai: OK, the next winning question from Twitter:

Question 2:

Kai: @Sunil007b ask this: I was surprised to see that you have a variety of tokens besides $AVAT, such as: iAVAT, L-AVAT, AVAT LP and L-LP. So, could you explain in detail the functions that each of these tokens have in your ecosystem? Users to participate in your ecosystem have to have all these tokens?


1. the main token is AVAT

2. AVAT LP is referring to the LP token of any AVAT pairs

3. L-AVAT is the leased version of AVAT token, where it will be leasable in the future (we are holding the leasing for now due to the needs of completing the lending platform is more important)

4. The L-LP is the leased version of any AVAT LP token in which the case is the same as no. 3 above

However, AVAT is the core token where it not only gives you the opportunity to earn yields but also AVAX by staking in the AVAX pool in our swap platform. We will launch this once the swap has attain to a certain trading volume.

Kai: Brilliant, thanks for breaking it down

Live Questions

Kai: Okay are we reading for the crazy part

This is where Kai has a nervous breakdown

We are opening up our chat for just a minute for the community to ask questions. We’ve got slow mode on this time so that everyone has an equal chance to win. Good luck to all!

Marcel: Good luck everybody! 🔥

@AnjanFarrO: Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

ZBG: Yes. we have run 5 separate audits so far, from the token, to the platform functionalities.

Kai: 5 audits already? That’s very reassuring


According to the project’s roadmap — what are your most important next priorities? @zbgavata


1. to roll out the lending protocol

2. announcement of partnership with one of the biggest players in the industry

3. to roll out few outstanding projects once the market recovers to a certain level

Kai: OK so that’s great, you sifted through very quick

Thank you for the above two questions you can pm me for prizes after the AMA

While I have everyone’s attention

Let’s make a note of Avata Network Saga links and socials:

🌐 Website: https://avata.network/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/avatanetwork

↗️ Telegram: https://t.me/avatanetwork

📙 Medium: https://medium.com/@avatanetwork

📖 Whitepaper: https://avata-network.gitbook.io/avata/the-project/introduction

📖 Litepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHf049nqDDNClYB2DhalTey3gJTl7Eek/view

ZBG: BTW guys, kindly follow our announcement channel. We will be announcing some good things in a week or so. And once all good, we roll out projects one after another.

And thanks a lot to the WAGGLE NETWORK team for having me here and I’m looking forward to cooperation!

Kai: It’s been a pleasure, and we’re looking forward to working together closely over the coming months

The full text of the AMA will be available shortly on AMA Recaps

Marcel: Thank you very much ZBG 🔺 AVATA

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