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9 min readJun 11, 2022

We conducted an AMA with Avarik Saga on 9 June. ICYMI, please read through the transcripts to learn more about Avarik Saga.

Host: Kai — Growth Manager at Waggle
Guest: Sean Kim — CMO at Avarik Saga

Waggle Questions

Kai: So Wagglers, let’s get the AMA started! Thanks for being with us here today Sean! I’m pretty pumped for this so as I love JRPG’s.

Could you introduce us to Avarik Saga and how the project came to life?

Sean: Sure thing Kai. Avarik Saga is a Unity-based JRPG Strategy Game with a game focusing on character building similar to the current MMORPG. We started our journey back in September 2021, with one single goal of providing a fun, enjoyable game to play with or without a P2E factor.

We sold out our genesis NFT collection on September 27th, 2021, selling out in an hour. Understanding that the project can scale by becoming a triple A game, we went through a full funding round with institutional investors to get the liquidity to scale our game, with Waggle Network being one of our major supporters.

We have been appraised as the no.1 rising start-up in South East Asia according to TechinAsia (https://www.techinasia.com/50-rising-startups-southeast-asia) and have expanded our team to around 40 full-time employees.

Kai: Congratulations on selling out your genesis collection! That’s pretty impressive.

Sean: Can’t believe it’s been already 9 months since mint,

Avarik Saga has a beautiful graphical style with lots of attention to detail, can you tell us more about the artists behind the visuals and the NFT collection?

The main focus of JRPG comes from two components. 1. The Lore(story) of the World that you a user, come in to navigate and explore. 2. The graphic style. We had to ensure we had these components in place when we started to scale our project.

Hence, we had our Art Director Joel Handojo on the team, who has been a concept artist for several years. His inspiration stems from major nostalgic JRPG games such as Ragnarok, Vandal Hearts, Breath of Fire, and Final Fantasy. You can check out his older portfolio through his Instagram account here below:


Kai: Hmm, this is my era too. I grew playing the early Final fantasy games

Secret of Mana was my favorite actually.

But the graphical style of Avarik Saga is a big draw for me I think because of my childhood too

The playable demo you’ve provided gives us a nice taste of how the combat system will work, what will the rest of the game be like?

Sean: Ah so the current playable demo we call the ‘mini-game’ for clarity.

The mini-game that is playable right now is very different from the full game that we are preparing for September 2022, focuses on a fully 3d structure overlaid by an animation, similar to games such as Genshin Impact, Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, and Dragon Ball Z series.

The game modes will include PVE (Story, Main Campaign), PVP (Real Time and Asynchronous), MMR PVP (Ranked PVP Battle), Raid Wars (Multiplayer Single Instance Dungeons), and Faction War (Mass-Multiplayer PVP).

You as the main character will be free-roaming the world of Avarik Saga. As you encounter beasts and monsters, the game will transform yourself into a 3 vs. 3/ 3 vs.1 turn-based battle system.

End-content will be focusing more on raid-wars and faction wars, where your faction will be able to move along with other members to battle another faction for territory, and also fight off massive monsters that will bring prizes that will grow your character to the next level.

So think of it as the mini-game you see here:

Become a character here in the full game

To give you the graphic reference we’re following.

Kai: Thank you. Free roaming is pretty important to me, sometimes it’s nice just to admire the scenery and go exploring

OK, are we ready for question 4? Can you give us more information on your plans and what the roadmap currently looks like for Avarik Saga?

Sean: Our major focus on our roadmap on the horizon will be our full game for September 2022. With only around 10 sprints left, our team is fully focused on getting the MVP out for our community to play the game.

  1. August 2022 (Closed Beta)
  2. September 2022 (MVP Release)

For the major Q1’22 roadmap accomplishments you will be able to go over the highlights through our medium article here.

Pre-Selected Questions from Twitter

@Opughosh2 asks:

I think a lot of people here are interested in the $VORTEM token, both utility and structure. So what are your plans to gradually increase the token value? What will be the advantages of holding $VORTEM tokens and what will be the long-term benefits of holding $VORTEM tokens.


So the basic principle of our tokenomics structure is a ‘double tokenomic structure’ with $VORTEM being our in-game currency and $AVRK being our governance token.

The in-game currency ($VORTEM) allows the users to level up, trade, upgrade, and transact through the marketplace while the governance ($AVRK) token acts as a transaction fee.

Both $VORTEM and $AVRK will be capped to ensure it’s not inflationary and there will be fiscal policies implemented to ensure the longevity of the tokenomic structure.

We don’t believe there are metrics involved for us to “raise” the token value. I believe token value comes as a lagging indicator based on how ‘fun’ or ‘great’ the game is. If the game itself is able to provide a strong retention factor for the users to stick and grow, it will develop its own flywheel to increase the token price organically.

Sharing a key visual for a better understanding.

@EdwardMastah asks:

I’ve watched the AVARIK SAGA ; mini-game trailer 2022 and I noticed its superb GRAPHICS. May I ask , Do we need a high-spec device before we can enjoy the game? Is there a system-requirement?


This is a great question, with the mobile market’s compound annual growth rate moving forward of over 32%, and our product strategy involves dominating Indonesia’s gaming market and expanding over to SEA and going global, it is imperative to move towards Mobile.

Hence, we need to ensure that as many people can enjoy and play our game. So to answer your question, we’re aiming for a low-mid tier spec device to play our game with easy. Having the graphics as a 3d-model but wrapped with animation allows us to provide great beautiful graphics but for anyone to play :) So say good-bye to buying the lastest iPhone or gaming device, as you will be ‘A’ okay.

Unless it gets too hot :(

But we underestimate that the general 90% don’t have the lastest mobile devices

@Champak656 asks:

I’ve always been a traditional gamer all my life, however the advent of P2E has encouraged and inspired me to immortalize my gaming and creativity on the blockchain. I would like to know if I’m in the right place? How can I start earning through #Avocados?


Correct, P2E is just one form of what we call Web3.0. Gaming. The biggest difference comes from the keyword ‘ownership’. In the past we used to spend our hard-earned money and time on our games and what we get back from the game will be something called ‘memories’. However, Web3.0 gaming enables us to not only get ‘memories’ but also own a part of the game asset we invested our time and money in.

The movement will only speed up as the idea of content creation, ownership, and building in this society is a paradigm shift and gaming is one of the easiest ways to prove that shift.

Now regarding your question on how to start earning, there are multiple guilds that are working with us to get you through the full game during the launch or get access directly by buying our NFT’s in opensea here. https://opensea.io/collection/avariksagauniverse. Of course, the benefit right now is that you will be able to get $VORTEM tokens if you hold an Avarik Saga NFT daily until the game comes out in September 2022.

Live Questions

Question 1: #AvocadosMoon is Japanese RPG NFT game. One really important aspect of almost every game, and personally my favorite part, is the possibility to play on Multiplayer mode, so, my question is; will users have the possibility on #Avocados to play with friends on a multiplayer mode?

Sean: Ah okay, let me answer that first. Multiplayer mode is possible, this is a tricky part but yes for both asynchronous match making and synchronous match making will be available as we progress. For you to either CO-OP the quest and main campaign with your fellow friends together, or battle it off through PVP or even MMR PVP.

Question 2: Will there be a buy back system or token burning in the future? Do you have any Anti-dump mechanism for holders who may want to dump during pump?

Sean: As shared in the 3rd question, the token burning system for in-game currency ($VORTEM) lies in the game ecosystem itself shown below in the diagram.

Now for the Anti-dump measure, this is an interesting part. We implemented fiscal policies that discourage such behavior through high tax rates that can be implemented to either take in or take out $VORTEM to encourage getting the rewards through playing the game and also re-investing the $VORTEM back to gain greater rewards in the end-content of the game. These tax rates can be actually currency tax to time-lapse, which will be more clear through our product updates.

The critical point is that our currency isn’t to hold and speculate but to use it to play the game to re-live the dream of having your hero grow in Avarik Saga. (And in the end, the price of a currency is able to hold its price comes down to again the game being great)

Question 3: Until what corner of the world do you plan to arrive? that is, to what extent in the world do you think your Project will be solving people’s problems with their infrastructure?

Sean: It’s always refreshing to see someone ask questions about “What your project is trying to solve in this space” cause it’s so simple yet deep as it goes over everything about the Project.

We’re trying to solve a way to redistribute ownership of game studios back to the community where both the gamers and developers can own the game they both work to develop.

P2E is one way to give that right, and I think this is just the start. We are hyper-localizing in Indonesia, where we have Warung owners and drivers playing games during their free time as the country has over 111M gamers. What if we can allow them to own or earn subsidiary income through that time rather than absolutely nothing?

Furthermore, games are a great gateway to introducing the cryptocurrency market for education. SEA market is still opening up with a lot of technological innovation, especially in the crypto space. Allowing our game to hold the market and come as a beacon of entry into the crypto space and learn how the crypto industry work is also a problem we are trying to solve through Avarik Saga.

Kai: Really appreciate this detailed response

In fact all your answers have been amazing

Thank you so much.

Sean: It was my pleasure and a huge thanks for having me.

Kai: It’s been a pleasure for me too, and I’m really looking forward to your release date in September

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, I’m getting a lot of pms

It’s very difficult to please everyone, but better luck next time

Congratulations to the winners, please allow a few days for your prize to arrive into your wallets!

Lets take another look at Avarik Saga socials and links before I open up the chat again

Stay tuned for more details regarding Avarik Saga’s token sales on Waggle Pollinate!

🌐 Website: https://www.avariksaga.com

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/avariksaga

📙 Medium: https://medium.com/@Avariksaga

👾 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/avariksaga

🎬 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc8Rc_5LTEZO2fcem1WEOyw

📷 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avariksaga/

🖼 Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/avariksagauniverse

📖 Whitepaper: https://avarik-saga.gitbook.io/avarik-saga/WiD4nmRtrLEcYb3LPkRJ/

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